Trauma biology and the dysregulated emotions of trauma, don’t just get in the way of our healing, this biology leads directly to unsustainable equilibria of pain, suffering, and illness.

Trauma is the most insidious and important roadblock to creating the core resilience we need to heal our lives and unleash our potential as humans.

At some point, we have to reckon with it.

In this video, I’ll teach you an incredibly important practice to begin the process of healing trauma, which begins with reconnecting with your body and attuning to yourself and your feelings–your truth.

I want you to give yourself what you most need to heal, perhaps what you didn’t get when you most needed it–attunement, compassion, curiosity, and holding your truth as you express your authentic self.

Join me.

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Our Healing Life Videos Table of Contents

  1. Our Healing Life, Part One: Unbroken and Magnificent.

    What if instead accepting fate, we step up to our healing lives consciously with fierce intentions to feel our best and live our best lives?

  2. Our Healing Life, Part Two: We can’t not heal (but we can learn to heal well!).

    Learn the two top dynamic principles of the human body that will allow you to access your own true potential to heal.

  3. Core Resilience: Letting go of what keeps us sick and stuck.

    The need to let go of what hurts us seems self-evident. But it's actually the hardest thing we must do to heal.

  4. Our Healing Life Series: Letting Go Part Two–Toxins and Irritants

    Letting Go of what hijacks our wellness and ability to heal is a top priority for achieving Core Resilience.

  5. Letting Go of Negative Energy and Distractions

    We're here to create Core Resilience. They key to this is letting go of the many obstacles that stand in our way.

  6. Core Resilience: Letting Go of Disempowering Stories

    Core Resilience is Letting Go of what holds us back and stands in the way of our light, life, and brilliant possibilities.

  7. A Compassionate Approach to Trauma Self-Healing

    Trauma is the most insidious roadblock to creating the core resilience we need to heal our lives and unleash our potential as humans.

  8. Create Balance: Embrace the Chaos

    Sometimes the chaos is our friend. The suffering gets our attention. We look within and find the wisdom that's been there all along.

  9. Core Resilience Steppingstone Six: Nourish

    Our relationship with food is complicated, isn't it? In this video we unpack the essential 3 food lessons to keep your resilience high.

  10. Core Resilience Steppingstone Five: Restore

    We feel so much more alive and vibrant when our resilience tank is full. How do we get there? That's what this video series is all about.

  11. Our Healing Life, Part Three: What’s Our ‘Big’ Assignment?

    What's our 'Big Assignment?' To learn to activate the healing within us and access our vast untapped potential.

  12. Our Healing Life, Part Four: Presence.

    Self-awareness, self-compassion, safety, and self-agency. These are the powerful outcomes of becoming present.

  13. Our Healing Life, Part Five: The Healing Terrain (=Us)

    Let's unpack the dynamic relationship between our genes, environment, lifestyle, events, and mindset that make us who we are.

  14. Our Healing Life, Part Six: Core Resilience

    We begin by not making our pain, suffering, and illness wrong. We trust our bodies' innate wisdom and urge to heal--we can't not heal.

  15. Our Healing Life, Part Seven: Resolve Complex Roadblocks to Healing

    Today, we look at the internal and external roadblocks to healing and we give ourselves permission to release the disempowering stories.

  16. Our Healing Life Steppingstones

    Living in pain, suffering, and illness can be lonely. And the task of finding guidance relevant to us can be completely overwhelming.

  17. Our Healing Life: What’s love got to do with it?

    We give our time, energy, and attention away to serve the needs of others so well, and forget to circle back to ourselves.

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