Karyn Shanks MD

What Inspires My Work

“I just want to be myself again.”

“I want my daughter to know the real me.”

“I want my life back.”

“I want my joy back.”

From academic, to CEO, to Iowa farmer, all of my clients say some version of the same thing as we begin our work together. This is what I’ve wanted during my own tough times. These words are at the very heart of what’s at stake when confronted with the myriad health challenges we all face… and what we seek in our healthcare and healing strategies: to reclaim our energy, vitality, and who we truly are. In essence, all that makes life worth living.

It is my life’s mission as a physician, writer, and teacher to encourage and prepare you to become the instruments of your own healing through positive, actionable, sustainable, root-cause-level solutions to your health and healing.

We all possess the innate ability to heal, to recover our precious energy, and to create the resilience that allows us feel our best, be our best, and prevent future problems. Through personalized tools, education, and support I put the power back where it belongs—in your hands, hearts, and minds.

The work we do together is all about YOU—your story, your goals, your needs, your inner wisdom (you know yourself best), and your innate potential to heal.

My approach is inspired by the revolutionary science of Functional Medicine, body-mind principles, and wisdom gleaned from the transformational journeys of thousands of clients over my twenty-six year career as a physician.

Our journey promises to be a whole-person exploration of your problems and needs, offering solutions that go straight to the cause, and to the heart of healing—to recover your physical, mental, and spiritual energy.

The Nine Domains of Healing—the backbone of my workwill guide us as we take this journey of your health and healing together.

“The bones of recovery for most of us will be in what we do for ourselves: how we eat, move, sleep, relate, let go, and live.”

-Karyn Shanks, MD

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