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You’re not broken.

You don’t need to be “fixed.”

What your body is calling for in its pain, suffering, illness, exhaustion, or feeling stuck is to be understood.

By learning to decode the sacred language of your body—and trusting it—you’ll heal. You’ll absolutely heal.

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Kissing uncertainty.

Dear One,

Isn’t that exactly what it is when we step up to our challenges and responsibilities—kissing uncertainty?

Uncertainty is risky business.

We might be wrong.

We might be…

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self-care, heal

How to Practice Human Flourishing.

I spent the past three days attending the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Annual International Conference. This year’s theme was perfectly timely: Resilience.

A huge part of resilience—having…

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leaky gut

Leaky Gut: a hidden solution for healing?

We’re always looking for these, aren’t we?

Those aspects of ourselves so pivotal to who we are and how we function, that with careful tending we unleash vast healing potential. To relieve all kinds…

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