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You’re not broken.

You don’t need to be “fixed.”

What your body is calling for in its pain, suffering, illness, exhaustion, or feeling stuck is to be understood.

By learning to decode the sacred language of your body—and trusting it—you’ll heal. You’ll absolutely heal.

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If your mind is set, so are your life’s outcomes.

Get what I’m saying?

If your mind is set, your life’s outcomes are too. And they may not be what you want.

Our mindsets and beliefs are the most tenacious (“set”) and insidious (they can be…

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Lifestyle: the choices that aren’t always choices.

I’d be preaching to my choir of geniuses to say our lifestyle choices effect genetic expression, biology, and all our life outcomes, right?

But are they choices?

Many of them aren’t…

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heal, trauma, resilience, unbroken

When life experiences make us sick.

Most of us know there’s a strong link between traumatic life events and chronic illnesses of all kinds.

The most important part of this story, though, is how the equilibrium of illness can be…

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