You Were Born to Heal

Fatigue. Suffering. Chronic Illness.

These are not your destiny. They’re your call to a healing life.

You were born to heal. Born to harness the healing potential within you—that’s in everyone.

Healing is the primary urge of all nature.

You’ve seen it and felt it. How the earth devastated by fire soon sprouts new trees, the waters flow again, and the animals return. You have this very same potential for rebirth and renewal.

You’re not broken.

No longer does the “illness is my destiny” story hold up under the scrutiny of the 21st century science of human potential: epigenetics, neuroplasticity, Functional Medicine core biology, and body-mind psychology.

You need a new story. A new way to look at illness, to look at yourself.

You urgently need a story that leads to your true, untapped potential. A story that remembers the healing within you.

And you need a new medicine—a new approach, built on the revolutionary science of human potential. To decode the meaning of your suffering. To make you well again.

Give yourself permission: I was born to heal.

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You Were Born to Heal Table of Contents

  1. heal, healing is in our hands, our lives are miracles, karyn shanks md Born to Heal: Our Call for a New Healing Paradigm

    We’ve got to write a new story of what the best healthcare is, what the best medicine is, and what it takes to live a healing life.

  2. heal, healing is in our hands, karyn shanks md How to Claim Healing as Your Own

    Healing is ours. Our birthright. The primary urge of all nature. But we must claim it as our own. Our healing-our potential-rests squarely in our own hands.

  3. care, hope, heal, healing, love, heal yourself, heal ourselves, Unbroken

    We’re not broken. We're … Complicated. Messy. Mean as hell. Heartbroken. Scared. Gorgeous. Amazing. And Beautiful. All these things. All at once.

  4. heal, potential, born to heal, Karyn Shanks MD What Makes Healing So Hard?

    Reclaiming our agency and autonomy takes energy, paying attention, learning, action, and taking our power back from the experts we’ve asked to fix us.

  5. soothe, settle, heal, be present, chop wood How to Survive Storms, Pandemics, and, Well, Everything.

    To heal, we have to see all the events of the past year as a call. Not a series of random calamities, not bad luck, not cruel misfortune.

  6. Reclaim Joy

    I want you to remember how joyful life can be. And how it’s possible to live both a hard life and a joyful one at the very same time.

  7. Body-Soul Resilience Body-Soul Resilience

    Every life challenge pushes us toward mastery over our circumstances.