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Do you have one or two (or five!) people in your life who challenge you?

Yes, me too!

I’m a big fan of permission slips but I forgot mine recently and got into big trouble with one of the energy vampires in my life (you know those people?). Dang if they didn’t sneak up on me, leaving me feeling exhausted and angry (for letting myself become disempowered).

I forgot my permission slip! But it’s not too late…

So, here it goes:

Dear Angel Karyn,

You have my full permission to be your whole true self. To KNOW, to HONOR, to TRUST, and BELIEVE how you feel in the presence of X. This is your wisdom. This is your guidance. Bless yourself and this wisdom. Be kind, but stand your beautiful ground, or get the hell out. Yes, you have my full permission to do that…

I love permission slips. I have many of them, written on sticky notes, stuck in pockets and tucked into my wallet. They remind me of my own inner wisdom and the imperative to be and honor myself.

They heal me, and in so doing—even when it means throwing down boundaries to keep the energy suckers out—heal others. With the truth that won’t be denied (if I don’t own it in my own way, it will own me—and I may not like what happens!).

Write yourself a permission slip now and carry it with you.

Have a Beautiful day!



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