“Suffering is Annoying… “

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In speaking to my son about the grind and muck of graduate school and the uncertainty and trials of putting the pieces of his dream together, I showed him a beautiful book I’m currently reading that I thought was relevant to his situation. Written by renowned Zen Buddhist master, Thich Nhat Hanh, it’s called “No Mud, No Lotus.”

He looked at it, and before I had a chance to explain, he commented in his usual quick-witted, totally unselfconscious way, “Suffering is annoying, but it will pass.”

Dang, boy! (Yes, my twenty-four year old son will always be “my boy!”) Wandering fool or twenty-first century sage?

Either way, he’s dead on. What I have worked hard on for over half a century—am still working on! And he nailed it with just a wave of his hand and a twinkle in his eye.

Suffering is annoying, but it will pass.

(And wisdom comes from the most unexpected places if we’re paying attention.)

Need I say more?

Have a Beautiful day!


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