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How to Empower Your Healing Story (Rewrite Your Failure Stories)

Deconstructing Failure

The Conundrum of Things Not Working Out

It starts like this, doesn’t it? We feel the terrible sting of disappointment because things are not turning out as we hoped. Our expectations are not met. A door slams in our face and we feel devastated. Or, in spite of working really, really hard, our savvy plan seems to go nowhere.

Then what?

You know where I’m going here,…

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How to Empower Your Healing Story (Claim Your Emotional Genius)

We. Must. Feel.

Look at those words again. And again. Let them sink in. We. Must. Feel.

How do you feel as you read them, think them, say them?

Numb? Indifferent? Super-charged? Emotional?

Whatever you feel—honestly feel—is one-hundred percent okay. We have complicated relationships with our feelings. We shame and blame ourselves for having them even though they’re here to keep us alive…

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How to Heal: Identify the Competing Commitment Standing in Your Way

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We all know how to live a healthy life, right?

We’re smart. We’re savvy. We’ve done our research. We know how to craft the perfect self-care plan (food, sleep, movement, meditation, and so on) to address our genetic legacy, our problems, and our many sensibilities about how we’d like to feel and function at our best.

But many of us just can’t make our best plans work. We can’t sustain…

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