Margaret J. Hansen, D.C.

Emotional Balancing & Muscle Healing

“Your Body Knows…And will tell if we ask the right questions.”

Margaret is widely known and revered for her pioneering work developing Emotional Balancing as deep therapy. This is an energy medicine technique that uncovers the True Self by finding end roads around the layers of mind and stories that can get in the way of understanding and freedom.

The process trusts that truth and wisdom are within, waiting to be discovered and that the body never lies. By using her adaptation of Educational Kinesiology, Margaret is able to guide each client on a journey of inner discovery to find the “junk” beliefs and motivations that obstruct the aspirations of the higher self and that may impede physical healing. Through the kinesiology “conversation” with the higher self, the truth and life-affirming goals are revealed.

Patterns of thought and behavior get stuck in the body’s neurological networks. Sometimes thinking and talking about a situation may not change it. The Balance is deep therapy that explores each person’s subconscious beliefs then replaces dysfunctional patterns with healthy ones. Instead of being stuck in an irrational, obligatory reaction there is the opportunity for better choice and versatile response.

“My balance was ten years of therapy in two and a half hours.”


“Margaret is a rare creative genius whose gift is to cut through the stories we tell ourselves to get to the heart—and the truth—of the matter. The Balance process has been utterly transformative for me.”


Margaret is a chiropractor who resides in Taos, NM and travels nationally to inspire us all with her work. She specializes in Emotional Balancing, Muscle Balancing, Applied Kinesiology, Educational Kinesiology, Meridian Therapy and Kinesiotaping.

Margaret is the author of The Wellman Stories, a compendium of stories from twenty years of practicing with Dr. Karen Zakar in Wellman Iowa, population 1400, in a county where the hogs and chickens far outnumbered the people.

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