Sugar Addiction

We all know that sugar is addictive. It’s an obsession! We love the way it tastes, feels and what it does to us.

It has a real impact on our body chemistry. We get a little shot of dopamine or serotonin, depending on who we are. Pleasure. It smacks us right in the pleasure centers of our brains and drags us out of whatever funk or low energy state we might be in.

Bad news: it’s temporary. It…

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Sugar is a Toxin

The Straight Facts About Sugar

Sugar is essential for life but in very small, micronutrient doses, not in the massive quantities that average Americans consume. We were designed to manufacture all of the sugar our bodies need for energy production from a “real food” plant and protein-based diet. Take a look at diabetes, for example, an epidemic in our culture and cause of great human…

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Energy Recovery Step One: Honor Yourself

self-love is where healing starts liftoff functional medicine

Most of us do honor ourselves in some way through our actions and intentions every day.

Let’s remind ourselves of the ways we currently honor ourselves daily:

Reflect on something that you do for yourself daily, no matter how small you think it is. Perhaps you make a nice cup of coffee or tea for yourself, enjoy a long hot shower, leisurely read the paper, take time to eat lunch, talk to a…

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Heal Yourself: Through the Nine Domains of Healing

Whoa, we are complex beings! It can be daunting to consider, (nine domains, really!?) but I find it exciting as well as reassuring. I work with many very sick people with difficult problems and there are always inroads to their healing, we just have to consider the high priority places to start our work.

Our complexity means that we are incredibly interesting and that there are always options…

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