Unbroken: Live Your Sparkly Wholeness

Enjoy these excerpts from my new book, Unbroken: Live Your Sparkly Wholeness, a manifesto to healing in a world that keeps us sick, suffering, and stuck. More than manifesto, Unbroken offers highly accessible, actionable practices to support your healing from chronic illness.

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Get what I’m saying?

If your mind is set, your life’s outcomes are too. And they may not be what you want.

Our mindsets and beliefs are the most tenacious (“set”) and insidious (they can be so hard to see) aspects of the terrain we build to heal ourselves. They’re also the most powerful. They can keep us stuck in suffering or heal us in a heartbeat.

From my new book, Unbroken: Reclaim…

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I’d be preaching to my choir of geniuses to say our lifestyle choices effect genetic expression, biology, and all our life outcomes, right?

But are they choices?

Many of them aren’t choices at all, are they? Which is both our problem and solution.

Read on.

From our review of the terrain of healing presented in my new book, Unbroken, Reclaim Your Wholeness (coming 2024!).

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Most of us know there’s a strong link between traumatic life events and chronic illnesses of all kinds.

The most important part of this story, though, is how the equilibrium of illness can be shifted in the direction of resilience and healing, away from being sick. Because the challenges of trauma and adverse life experiences can be repaired.

Not one of us are sitting ducks to bad…

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We’ve long argued, is it nature or nurture?

What we mean is this. Is our book of life fixed within our genetic code?  Or is the environment bathing those genes directing our life’s outcomes?

Will I land in the same hurt and early death as my ancestors? Or do I have a fighting chance to thrive and live to be a centurion?

The science of epigenetics has answered this question. While no…

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I’ll be completely honest with you.

Resilience is hard work.

It is. It just is. But because resilience is the product of hard work, all of it, every change and challenge we ever face. How does the song go? Oh yah, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. So true.

I’m not trying to be Debbie-downer here. I’m also not going to lie by saying look on the bright side (Yah, I hate that…

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Did you know?

Resilience is not for the exceptional.

It’s for all of us. It’s Earth’s law.

See, resilience is nature’s equilibrium inside us. It’s how we operate.

Resilience doesn’t happen to us. We shift into it.

From my new book, Unbroken: Remember Your Wholeness

Third law: Resilience is your birthright.

Is healing a place where we land by doing things “right?” And…

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How did we forget?

When did our suffering become “something is wrong” rather than “what does my body have to teach me?”

We lost something profound with that shift: the exquisite language of our own human bodies.

It’s crucial we reconnect to what our bodies can teach us. Which is why we’ll immerse ourselves in the three dynamic principles of the human body in my upcoming book,…

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To unleash the most kick-ass healing we’re capable of, we reclaim who we really are, healers in our own right. Already whole, operating according to the primary laws of our planet Earth: the dynamic principles of the human body. Right out of Earth’s playbook. Yes, we’re integral parts of her great web of life.

In my upcoming book, Unbroken: Remember Your Wholeness, we explore the three…

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What are our bodies, our feelings, heck, our planet asking for in our pain, suffering, and feeling stuck?

To remember who we are.

To blast through the false narratives, frustration, and exhaustion to remember who the heck we are. Gorgeous beings of wisdom, wholeness, and self-healing. But hovering around an unsustainable equilibrium of suffering.

Where do we begin?

First things…

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That’s right, TotalGloriousOness. Your TGO.

What’s that?

We’ve been talking about resilience. The attribute that allows us to thrive through life’s challenges. Sometimes gliding, other times struggling, but always finding our way without losing robustness.

Challenge is the key to resilience, the strength, energy, and adaptability we must have to continuously grapple…

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What would life without curiosity be like?

I know, weird, right? We wouldn’t learn anything. We’d be a bunch of know-it-alls walking around in an apathetic stupor with no joy.

Curiosity makes life so dang interesting. Because it is interesting. We’re interesting. And curiosity lets us see that.

And not just that, curiosity is a tool we can use to mine everything that happens to us for…

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Dear One.

Agreement 4/5, how to expand into your sparkly wholeness, lands now.

Where we’ve been:

  • Hold yourself with fierce compassion and safety.
  • Keep things simple, small, and slow.
  • Release what you think you know.
  • Practice and commit.
  • Stay relentlessly curious.

A sneak peek into my new book, Unbroken: Remember Your Wholeness, a manifesto to healing in a world that…

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Dear One,

Let’s take a bird’s-eye view of the five agreements for expanding into our sparkly wholeness:

  • Hold yourself with fierce compassion and safety.
  • Keep things simple, small, and slow.
  • Release what you think you know.
  • Practice and commit.
  • Stay relentlessly curious.

Regardless of your life path, your personal goals, or what in your life you’d like to change, these…

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Does it surprise you that promises must be made, agreements if you will, for you, me, all of us, to feel safe, supported, and seen?

What kind of agreements?

I’m talking about agreements we make with ourselves. Pacts. Commitments. Yes, I will follow through on this thing that serves my growth, my potential, my healing, no matter how hard it is.

Why’s that important?



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From Unbroken—Book One: Remember Your Wholeness;

Excerpt from Section Three, We Rise:

Five agreements.

First Agreement: Hold yourself with fierce compassion and safety.

So fierce. Because there’s not enough going around. And you so need its healing.

First things first. What is compassion? Sounds good, but is it for us?

The English compassion is derived from Latin compassus:…

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