Notes from the Nutritionist

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Ever had a sinus infection? If so, you recognize that familiar, dreaded sensation that your face is on fire. It seems to be a special kind of torture, leaving me wondering each time what I have done to deserve this pain. (If you haven’t had a sinus infection, I hope you never get one!) Sinus infections can be a major, recurring problem for some people, and they aren’t always easy to cure. In…

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Ever heard of a FODMAP? It sounds like high-tech terminology, but it actually refers to food for your gut bacteria. (And gut bacteria are definitely ancient and primordial, although absolutely essential.) FODMAP stands for Fermentable Olig-, Di-, and Mono-saccharides And Polyols.  I admit, none of those words sound like food. They’re just fancy words for small carbohydrates that bacteria…

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Holidays can be one of the toughest times to try to follow an elimination food plan. Food is such an integral part of celebration in every culture on earth. Our treasured holiday recipes hold emotional, religious, and family memories and meaning for many of us. Even if you’re not really attached to the holidays, you see everyone else eating mashed potatoes with gravy, pumpkin pie, and sugar…

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Childhood nutrition is extremely important. Children, with their small size and rapid growth rate, need a particularly nutrient-dense diet, and their early foods may influence their food habits for many years.

Given the importance of early diet, what does a nutritionist feed her baby as a first food?

How about an Oreo cookie?

Yep, I did that.

Let me quickly say that perhaps I could have made a…

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“Our diets are better than they’ve ever been! Look how tall kids get today-it’s because we have such good nutrition in our country.” 

I hear these statements regularly. It’s easy to think we eat well because food is so readily available. Especially for people who grew up with food insecurity, never knowing when a meal would be available, an abundance of food seems like it should guarantee…

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Hi! I’m Lisa, a registered, licensed nutritionist (dietitian is the old-fashioned word!). I started working with Dr. Karyn Shanks at the Center for Medicine and Healing Arts in early 2016. My professional background is diverse-I’ve done everything from general hospital work to teaching college seminars to working for a high-risk pregnancy clinic. And I spent some years at home as CEO of a…

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