Become the Expert on You

At no time in human history have we been more urgently called to trust ourselves. To trust the guidance of our own inner wisdom.


Because our healing depends on it. The vast potential of our lives depends on it.

It is our own inner knowing that guides how we live and leads to our true healing, not the past, not our disempowering stories, not other people, not the “experts.”

To truly claim our healing, we must embrace the truth that it’s in our hands.

But we’ve become cut off from our inner wisdom. We’ve become disempowered through stories about “how things are” from the “experts” who don’t know us as we do. We no longer trust ourselves. How many of us feel helpless in the face of our challenges, waiting for forces beyond ourselves and out of our control to step in to fix us?

No more. No more waiting, no excuses, no lies. We know what’s true. We know what we need to do. We know.

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Become the Expert on You Table of Contents

  1. write a new healing story, your healing story, love, heal How to Become the Expert on You: Write Your Story of Healing

    To become the expert on ourselves we must know who we are. This is our power. The first act of reclaiming this power is telling our story of becoming well.

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    Anxiety is my guide, my inner wisdom, my genius! Anxiety contains wisdom we can all share, and action steps we can take to relieve the burden of it.

  3. Stay Curious

    Learn the art of staying curious as a strategy managing uncertainty. Curiosity is the mother of intelligence and creative solutions.

  4. permission to fail, wisdom, heal Permission to Fail

    I give you my full permission right now to make all those beautiful mistakes that aren’t really mistakes but just road signs showing you Your True Path.