5 Pillars

We feel so much more alive and vibrant when our resilience tank is full.

How do we get there? That’s what this series is all about.

Restore is about how to stop, get quiet, rest, sleep deeply, play, create, and do nothing. We tap into the strength of our restorative practices though they don’t come easily for most of us. They look passive but are the most dynamic part of our healing.

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Our relationship with food is complicated, isn’t it?

In this video we unpack the essential 3 food lessons:

  • How food is information that runs all the business of the body, to support (or thwart) your highest health, energy, and vitality, and help you heal.
  • The 5 top essential strategies for optimizing this information flow into your body.
  • How to shift your relationship with…

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Sometimes the chaos is where we find wisdom.

The suffering gets our attention. We look within. The wisdom that was there all along is now available to us … We “discovered” it because we finally asked.

Yes, the wisdom of our core, that we can’t not heal, hits us between our eyes and we finally see it.

Healing is the law of all nature.

See how powerful we become as we claim…

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Trauma biology and the dysregulated emotions of trauma, don’t just get in the way of our healing, this biology leads directly to unsustainable equilibria of pain, suffering, and illness.

Trauma is the most insidious and important roadblock to creating the core resilience we need to heal our lives and unleash our potential as humans.

At some point, we have to reckon with it.


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Key to creating Core Resilience is Letting Go of what holds us back and stands in the way of our light, life, and brilliant possibilities. Perhaps keeping us stuck in pain, suffering, and illness.

In this video we explore the seven foundational disempowering stories that must be reckoned with to open the doors to our deepest healing:

  • Unworthiness.
  • Lost power and personal…

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We’re here to create Core Resilience.

Key to this is letting go of the many obstacles that stand in our way:

  • Toxins and irritants.
  • Negative energy and distraction.
  • Disempowering stories.
  • Trauma.

This video focuses on the many forms of negative energy and distraction that hijack the energy and attention we must have to unleash the possibilities of our lives.


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Letting Go of what hijacks our wellness and ability to heal is a top priority for achieving Core Resilience.

Letting Go of what?

Here are the biggies:

  • Toxins and irritants
  • Negative energy and distraction
  • Disempowering stories
  • Trauma

Today we dive into the common toxins and irritants that disrupt our healthiest equilibrium, lead to chronic illness, pain, and…

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We have our healing roadmap grounded in the powerful 21st century science of Human Potential.

We know precisely what to do to create magnificent lives, to heal our suffering, and unleash our vast untapped potential.

So, why don’t we?

Why do we stay so stuck?

We give our time, energy, and attention away to serve the needs of others so well, and forget to circle back to…

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Pain, suffering, and illness can be lonely. And finding guidance relevant to us  in the great ocean of information can be completely befuddling and overwhelming.

We need steppingstones. Places where we can land safely and on our own two feet. Places we can trust to hold us in our suffering and guide us toward our healing.

Our Healing Life Steppingstones are the foundational…

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We’ve learned to tell our new story of healing: the body’s not wrong.

We’re becoming our compassionate witnesses, knowing how Presence is how we activate all our healing.

We’ve taken the bird’s-eye view of our healing terrain–the gene-environment-lifestyle-life events-mindset dynamic relationship.

And been inspired by the science and Life School wisdom that assures us of our…

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We begin by not making our pain, suffering, and illness wrong.

We trust our bodies’ innate wisdom and primary urge to heal–we can’t not heal.

But we can heal consciously, intentionally, and with a carefully crafted plan to activate our healing potential.

We’ve seen the bird’s-eye view of the healing terrain: the gene-environment-lifestyle-life events-mindset dynamic…

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How does all that amazing genetic potential become who we are?

Let’s unpack the healing terrain, the dynamic relationship between our genes, the environment, lifestyle habits, life events, and mindset that make us who we are.

But you know it’s not all about your genes, right?

In fact, you are directly responsible for most of the healing terrain that makes you who you…

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Last time we explored the three core personal skills that lay the foundation for activating our healing potential—without these, no savvy food plan, supplement regimen, therapy, or healing strategy on the planet will sustain us or take us as far as we can go:

  • Self-awareness (become your witness).
  • Self-compassion and safety (neutralize trauma).
  • Self-agency (claim your…

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Never before have we been so challenged to step up and commit to our healing lives.

Truth is, we’re living healing lives regardless of what we do.

Our bodies’ primary urge is to move in the direction of healing in spite of their circumstances, to find their best equilibrium.

What if instead accepting fate, we step up to our healing lives consciously with fierce intentions…

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In this segment of Our Healing Life series, we explore the roadblocks to healing we must let go of.

  • Environmental toxins and irritants.
  • Negative energy and distraction.
  • Disempowering stories.
  • Trauma.

The need to let go of what hurts us and keep us stuck in pain, suffering, and illness seems self-evident.

But it’s the hardest thing we must do to heal.

We unpack…

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In this series we’ve established how the healing is in us. Not outside us. Not in the hands of experts. But with us.

What’s our ‘Big Assignment?’

To learn to activate the healing within us and access our vast untapped potential.

It’s not rocket science but it’s not easy either.

Today we focus on the three key attributes of humans that will blow open your healing…

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Learn the two top dynamic principles of the human body that will allow you to access your own true potential to heal.

Once you understand these simple principles of all nature and live them every day, you will learn to trust your own body’s wisdom and innate healing trajectory. You will take the bold new steps you need to personally direct your healing.

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Body-Soul Resilience

Shine, Grow, and Stay Safe in the New Era

Every life challenge pushes us toward mastery over our circumstances.

2021 is on our horizon.

We’ve got six weeks ‘til the new year and none too soon, eh?

I so need the hope and inspiration of this new beginning, don’t you? Like a portal to our rich future—filled with promise and potential.

2020 was hard. For everyone. On all fronts.

We’re exhausted. We’ve worked our tails off.

Many of us have…

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I want you to remember how joyful life can be. And how it’s possible to live both a hard life and a joyful one at the very same time.

I’ve come to learn that joy is a practice.

It’s not an innate state of mind. Or a gift for the lucky few.

Rather, it’s the result of a steady daily practice to reclaim the energy sapped by the hard work of living.

Living has been hard these days, eh?


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soothe, settle, heal, be present, chop wood

Here we all are.

Global pandemic with no end in sight.

School, no school, or home school?

Working from home, not working, where will the money come from?

Racial injustice come-to-Jesus right now. Educating ourselves to step up best we can.

Inland hurricane. Trees down, roofs crashed, crops ruined. Lives upended here in Iowa.

And this is only part of the chaos and uncertainty in our lives,…

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