Shine, Grow, and Stay Safe in the New Era

Every life challenge pushes us toward mastery over our circumstances.

2021 is on our horizon.

We’ve got six weeks ‘til the new year and none too soon, eh?

I so need the hope and inspiration of this new beginning, don’t you? Like a portal to our rich future—filled with promise and potential.

2020 was hard. For everyone. On all fronts.

We’re exhausted. We’ve worked our tails off.

Many of us have stepped up to the biggest challenges of our lives.

Our challenges continue.

Life will always be challenging.

But tired as we may be, didn’t the demands of 2020 open our eyes to just how strong we are?

How do we continue to rise to what life throws at us while staying strong and safe? While keeping our families strong and safe?

How do we rock this precious new year with renewed energy, optimism, and vibrancy?

I’d like to help.

Body-Soul Resilience 2021 is my new offering to you—a series of micro-lessons and practices to help you shine, grow, and stay safe in the new era.

We’re fortified by the biology of hope.

Every life challenge pushes us toward mastery over our circumstances.

This is one of the core teachings of the new science of Directable Human Potential—epigenetics, neuroplasticity, core Functional Medicine systems biology, and positive body-mind-spirit psychology—and the guiding inspiration of all my teaching.

It’s one of the most powerful and hopeful messages about what we’re capable of as humans.

This science reminds us that our primary biological impulse it toward resilience—stress resilience, immune resilience, deep-down-in-our-core resilience.

Not just for the genetically lucky, we’re all built to live successfully—to thrive no matter what shit’s going down.

Drilling down.

Let’s get on the same page about terms I’ll be using in my Body-Soul Resilience 2021 series.

In biology, resilience is the strength, energy, and adaptability necessary to successfully face life’s challenges.

Stress is the biology of resilience. Rather than the discomfort we associate with life’s challenges, stress is how our bodies rise to challenge through:

  • energy production,
  • learning,
  • immunity.

Stress resilience is always dynamic and growth oriented.

As the primary urge of our biology, stress resilience:

  • Supports us as we master life’s challenges.
  • Is amplified as we face those challenges.

What’s our role in creating stress resilience?

  • We must believe in it (our minds compel our biology).
  • We must nourish it (our biology requires foundational resources).

We believe.

We are promise and potential. It’s coded in our biology.

But many of us learned big stress will kill us in a big way. And the exhaustion, sleeplessness, and overwhelm are all proof, right?

Turns out, stress isn’t a killer at all.

Stress makes us stronger, smarter, more capable, and more resilient than ever—it amplifies the biology and psychology of resilience.

But we have to believe it.

Stress science proves this. Our capacity to grow, learn, and triumph through life’s challenges depends largely on what researchers call a “positive stress mindset.” Survivors of humanities’ worst holocausts and catastrophes learn to thrive when they believe they can overcome.

We nourish.

The biology of stress resilience operates on chemistry. And chemistry requires resources—resources we must provide.

We nourish stress resilience through:

  • Rest
  • Detoxification
  • Energy nutrition
  • Movement
  • Love

By nourishing stress resilience, we bolster energy, learning, and immunity.

We shine, we grow, we stay safe.

2021 is looking brighter already.

Body-Soul Resilience 2021 begins here—with a decision.

We see our new year emerging from just beneath the horizon. Taking in its initial glow, we feel its promise and potential. Things have got to get better.

Like our early morning walks, we trust the darkness, tired as we are, to lead us into the morning light. Blowing us away every time.

Now is the time to decide.

What do you want from your shiny new year?

What are you willing to offer for 2021 to deliver the promises you ask for?

We’re now called to make our decision, even in the darkness of the uncertain future before us.

We name it and claim it as our own. We step up to the responsibility of it. We breathe our life into it.


We say Yes—to our bright shiny new year, 2021, vibrating with the promise and potential that is there whether we believe it, feel it, or are too tired to see it.

Say it. Write it. Shout it.

Yes, I believe. Yes, I’m willing to stretch myself to learn and practice new things. Yes, I’m calling in the promise and potential of 2021. Yes, I’m calling in the promise and potential of my sweet, challenging, vibrant life.

Keep your practices small.

Small steps lead to big healing.

Throughout this micro-course, we’ll practice the principle of small.

Because small steps lead to the biggest change.


Our brains are not designed to multitask. Smart and sophisticated as we are, we do just one thing at a time best. Additional things, or very complex things, scatter our attention, sacrifice competency, and lead to overwhelm.

To learn deeply and create lasting positive change, it’s important to work on one small task—or a small part of a larger task—at any given time.

Small keeps us focused and calm. Small sets us up for success.

For this series of micro-practices, carefully consider your time, energy, and resources. I may deliver a number of new ideas to bolster your stress-energy-immune resilience, but you may have the band width for just one. Perfect. Go for it and be at ease with your choice.

Dedicate your suffering to healing.

For many of us, 2020 brought powerful emotions and suffering. Grief, anger, fear, loneliness, illness, energy-wipeout, worry about the future.

It’s important that we honor what we’ve been through as we work toward healing.

But many of our painful emotions are as sticky as they are uncomfortable, aren’t they?

They’re meant to be because they’re associated with normal human survival impulses.

What can we do?

While acknowledging the truth of our suffering, we can dedicate the energy of it to healing—ours, our loved ones, our world, the planet.

As I imagine the vibrant new year approaching, I release all fear and suffering. I embrace the promise and potential that is my destiny. I allow my fear and suffering to energize my healing.

What you can look forward to for the next 6-weeks.

Body-Soul Resilience 2021 delivered right to your in-box!

I’m going to deliver 2-3 micro-lessons and practices per week from now until 2021. These are designed to help you recover from the exhaustion of 2020, while bolstering your new strength and wisdom for the new era.

Your micro-lessons and practices will address the six core themes of stress-energy-immune resilience:

  • Immune Protection and Support
  • Rest
  • Detoxification (biological and emotional)
  • Energy Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Love

Thanks for hanging out with me through 2020!

What’s your vision for 2021?

With love and gratitude,


p.s. Not yet a subscriber? Sign up here and receive the Body-Soul Resilience 2021 series directly to your in-box. You’ll also get a copy of my free e-book, Your Healing Story.


Kelly McGonigal, PhD. The Upside of Stress: Why Stress is Good for You and How to Get Good at It. 2015.

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p.p.s. I don’t know about you, but for me, the leap from suffering to healing has required big ‘ol perspective shifts. I had to shake lose old stories that held me back.

That’s why I created my new course, The Unbroken Workshop.

In this 5-week self-guided, interactive training, we blow wide open the cultural narratives keeping us sick, suffering, and stuck. We re-ignite hope for our futures.

Guided by principles of the new science of Directable Human Potential, we embrace and practice our new truths:

  • We can heal.
  • We can direct that healing to our own advantage.
  • We can unleash our vast untapped potential.

I am so proud and pleased to invite you, my friends and companions in this healing life, to join me. The Unbroken Workshop is open now.

Unbroken Workshop

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