Thanksgiving Contemplation of Blessings

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I like to use Thanksgiving as a time to beef up my daily practice of gratitude.

It’s been looking like this lately…

I’m grumpy and annoyed to be displaced from my kitchen and living spaces (two months now!) while new flooring, lighting, and paint go in. The rest of the house is cluttered, dusty, and I can’t find anything!

But I get to do this. I get a new floor, gorgeous lighting and new wall colors.

I’m frustrated at how slow the hair is growing back around a small scalp laceration that’s healing. My precious locks!

But how miraculous the healing process is. I get to heal. I see those baby hairs coming in. It’s amazing!

I’m exhausted and sick from the dense pollution in the Berkeley-SF Bay area.

But I get to rest in my beautiful hotel room. I get to go home—to a home, my home, where it’s safe and there are no forest fires.

My schedule is too busy lately. I so need to slow down, rest, and have a break.

I get to create my schedule. I’m in charge of the pace of my life. I get to learn from this for tomorrow.

Nothing but blessings and First World inconveniences.

I am so blessed in all ways.

Sending blessing to you all. May your days be yours. May there be peace and healing. May you see and feel all the blessings in your life. Including those embedded in the suffering and struggle.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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