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Art: a Story of Transcendence


I try hard to not look at email or social media posts, or chase those tantalizing notifications that pop up on my phone while I’m working.

Today, however, one snagged me.

I couldn’t help myself. I saw a hint of what was to come: world-class figure skaters—performing to “The Sound of Silence.” “Haunting,” it said. Yes!

And hooked.

Okay, just one teeny tiny second. Then right back to work!

My holy God! What came next was completely unexpected.

I stood transfixed, watching the entire way through, tears streaming, heart soaring. Completely captivated. I was pulled out of my ordinary mind and the ordinary moment, and into the ecstasy of their mind-blowing performance, and that—yes, haunting—version of The Sound of Silence. Perfection.

I watched it three times through.

And, simultaneously, I watched myself in my transcendent state. Whole body energy expansion with entire Being synchronized with their elegance and power. Like electromagnetic resonance. It elevated me.

And it made me think about the power of art—the power that I had just experienced taking in the art of those figure skaters.

For them, it’s the near-single minded focus on athleticism and performance for the sake of… Being the best in the world? Becoming world champions? Reaching their peak? Flowing magnificently in the moment—together?

For me, in addition to total admiration and awe I felt for what I had just seen, it was a reminder of my own true potential—all of our true potential. My/our creative genius, perhaps waiting to become manifest.

I took that inspiration with me as I went back to my work. Finding myself more engaged and empowered. Inspired to do my best work—my art—perhaps on a less grand scale, but maybe with the same potential to inspire others.

I felt the power of art today. To elevate me. To make me better. To make the world better.

Have a Beautiful day!


Vanessa James/ Morgan Cipres Free Skating 2017 World Team Trophy. Tokyo (featuring Disturbed, The Sound of Silence.)

Karyn Shanks, MD. Practice Presence by Cultivating Awe. 2016.

Karyn Shanks MD


Karyn Shanks, MD, is a physician who lives and practices in Iowa City. Her work is inspired by the revolutionary science of Functional Medicine, body-mind wisdom, and the transformational journeys of thousands of clients over her twenty-eight year career. She believes that the bones of healing are in what we do for ourselves.

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