Be Strong: Movement, Balance and Posture

The Curious Science of Embodiment

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Relieve Anxiety by Zipping In, Not Out

What to do with the gnawing discomfort and prickly, excessive energy of anxiety? My go-to strategies are walks, hard work outs, doing chores, writing, weed pulling, filling the bird feeders… something to engage my body and my whole attention to the task.

This strategy of getting into my body is curiously calming and soothing, and often steers me toward…

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iPosture: a Pain in the Neck as Well as the Heart

ihunch is the stereotypical iposture that we see all around us.

The term was coined by New Zealand physiotherapist, Steve August, to describe what we all look like hunched over our electronic devices.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s how everyone looks these days whether seated or walking along, phone out, head and upper torso leaning into the screen. Hooked!

ihunch is responsible for an…

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Embodied Wholeness Through Movement

Writings by Dr. Karyn Shanks on Self-Healing Functional Medicine and Nutrition

I started running as a teenager, inspired by the notion that I could replace bad habits with something more positive and possibly good for me. It was awful at first and I hated it, but I’m stubborn. So I started with one block, then two, gradually, painstakingly increasing my distance. It was not fun but I was intrigued as I felt just a flash or ripple of empowerment when I accomplished the…

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