Create Vital Energy

Your Energy and Vitality are necessary–for you, your family and friends, and for this world. Let me help you achieve vibrant, energetic health right now, to support your True Life.

These articles cover the core aspects of creating energy and vitality, with a special focus on the key players within the body’s energy production system–the Brain-Thyroid-Adrenal-Mitochondrial (BTAM) Axis. We’ll dive into each of these power centers to teach you how to create beautiful energy.

We’ll put into practice real life Energy Recovery by exploring The Nine Domains of Healing–our roadmap of the healing terrain–choosing our personal hotspots: Food and Nutrition, Sleep, Movement and Posture, Stress Resilience, Detoxification, Love and Connection, Mind and Stories, Emotional Wisdom, and Spiritual Transformation.

Insomnia Solution–Part One: The Power of Deep Sleep

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Insomnia Antidote: Sleep is the Boss

Sleep, like food, is powerful medicine. There are few aspects of our daily lives that are as profoundly essential and influential to our health and healing as getting good sleep. Sleep is a magical, mysterious time that allows us to power down, repair, replenish, and renew—providing the deepest healing and renewal available to us.

We must sleep—this is one…

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Create a Healthy Microbiome to Heal and Energize

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After decades of helping clients recover from persistent complex illness, I have come to view the gut as a key part of the solution to energy recovery. The gut and its inhabitants–the microbiome–are central to our health as the seat of our nutrition, immunity, detoxification, as well as important emotional wisdom–all critical drivers of our precious energy.Solving the riddle of persistent…

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Create Vital Energy: From Mitochondria to Sex

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We Are Energy

We are energy at our most fundamental level. Energy is the expression of all action, function, and feeling associated with being alive and human. This includes biological energy in all its various forms—passion, vitality, curiosity, and life force—that are all connected, and that we lose when we are ill. The greatest blow of chronic illness is the loss of vital energy and how…

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Energy Recovery 101: Root Cause Solutions for Healing Your Adrenals, Part Two

energy recovery, adrenal fatigue, adrenal healing, adrenal recovery, functional medicine

Root Cause Solutions for Healing Your Adrenals

Part Two: Heal Your Adrenals, Recover Your Energy


A Holistic Framework for Energy Recovery: What We Need for Optimal Energy Production in a Nutshell

  1. Targeted energy nutrients: from food–supports all aspects of chemical energy production and protection of cells and tissues from free radicals (the high energy byproducts of energy…

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Energy Recovery 101: Root Cause Solutions for Healing Your Adrenals, Part One

energy recovery, adrenal fatigue, adrenal healing, energy healing, functional medicine

Root Cause Solutions for Healing Your Adrenals

Part One: Understanding the Big Picture of Energy Production

I’d like to pay homage to our adrenals in this series of articles, the source of our physiological life force energy, and teach you how to nourish them back to their full potential. Supporting adrenal function, as part of a comprehensive energy recovery strategy, will catapult you into…

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Reclaim Your Energy Using The Nine Domains of Healing

The Nine Domains of Healing® is the roadmap we use to claim our Big Energy.

There are many avenues to our energy recovery solution. I work with many tired and sick people experiencing difficult problems and there are always inroads to their healing, we just have to consider the high priority places to start our work.

Our complexity means that we are incredibly interesting and that there are…

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Energy Recovery Step One: Honor Yourself

self-love is where healing starts liftoff functional medicine

Most of us do honor ourselves in some way through our actions and intentions every day.

Let’s remind ourselves of the ways we currently honor ourselves daily:

Reflect on something that you do for yourself daily, no matter how small you think it is. Perhaps you make a nice cup of coffee or tea for yourself, enjoy a long hot shower, leisurely read the paper, take time to eat lunch, talk to a…

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