Month: July 2016

Protein: How Much Do We Need to Support Optimal Health?

Karyn Shanks Liftoff Functional Medicine and Healing

How much protein do we really need? 

So many rules, my goodness! For food, for behavior, for life!

So, let’s start this little lesson with a few deep breaths. It’s all okay. We don’t need to be perfect. But it’s good to be smart. The scientific literature has a few things to teach us about the amount of protein we need to consume in our diets to support robust health and what I have learned has…

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Healing Our Lives Means Embracing Failure

karyn shanks md liftoff functional medicine healing failure is our true teacher

My whole practice of medicine—my identity as a physician, my philosophy of what constitutes healing, and my approach to my clients—is built on a series of failures.

I tried to become an academic physician after my three-year residency in internal medicine. You know, ivory towers and the “truth.” I wanted to be part of that, where innovation and great wisdom came to bear on what we did for…

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Five Ways We are Wired for Successful Change

karyn shanks md liftoff blog healing functional medicine

“Change is inevitable. Struggle is an option.”         -Bumper sticker on a car in Iowa City

Like everyone I know, I struggle against change. But over the years I’ve learned to soften, to allow myself to flow with change instead of constantly bumping heads with it.

I’ve found I’m not alone. Through my work as a physician, I’ve discovered that healing is all about change. But we hold ourselves…

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All-Star Recipes: Chia-Flaxmeal Bread

paleo bread chia flaxmeal bread GRIN food plan Karyn Shanks MD Functional Medicine Nutritional Medicine Healing

There is almost always a loaf of this great seed and egg bread in my fridge. It’s perfect for those of us on nutrient-dense, low carb food plans. There are no grains, no added sugar and it has a very low carbohydrate content. It is quite nice toasted and spread with nut butter or avocado or topped with a poached egg.

This bread does contain eggs and seeds, so those who are sensitive or…

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